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Astronomy 360: Introduction To Astrophysics -  Galaxies And Cosmology

Course Outline

Galaxies: Milky way, normal galaxies, evolution,  clusters, expansion, active galaxies, quasars, gamma-ray bursts

Cosmology: cosmologicalprinciple, cosmochronology, Newtonian cosmology, CMB, relativisticcosmology, observational cosmology, early thermal history, primordialnucleosynthesis, inflation


Typical Organization

Lectures T Th 2:30 - 3:50 PM

Homework (40%) 8-9 problem sets

Term exam (20%)

Final exam (20%)

Project report, oral and written (20%)

Text: Bradley Carroll and Dale Ostlie, An introduction to modern astrophysics


All information is representative only, and is likely to change from year to year.