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Physics 102: Electricity And Magnetism (With Lab)


Course Outline

Electric charge:  Coulomb’s Law, conservation and quantization

Electric field:  lines of electric field, fields due to charges, electric forces, dipoles

Gauss’s Law:  flux, electric field determination

Electric potential: potential differences, relation of field and potential, equipotentials

Capacitors and dielectrics:  capacitance, capacitor circuits, field energy, dielectrics

Currents:  electric current, resistance, resistor circuits, materials and conductivity

DC circuits:  emf, Kirchoff’s rules, RC circuits

Magnetic fields:  magnets and magnetic fields, magnetic forces, dipoles, Hall effect

Production of magnetic fields:  Amperes Law, Gauss’s Law for magnetism, Biot-Savart Law, solenoids

Faraday’s Law:  motional emf, time varying magnetic fields, Lenz’s Law

Magnetism and matter:  magnetic properties of matter, ferromagnetism

Inductance:  inductors, inductance, field energy, RL circuits, oscillations in LC circuits, energy in LC and RLC circuits

Alternating currents:  transformers, series RLC circuits, resonance, AC measurements, power in AC circuits


Typical Organization

  Lectures M W F 9:00 - 9:50 AM

Problem session (optional)

Laboratory exercises (nine sessions)

Quizzes (15%)

Homework (15%) (pledged)

Term exam (2 at 15% each)

Final exam (25%)

Laboratory (15%)

Text: Fishbane, Gasiorowicz and Thornton, Physics for scientists and engineers


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