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Physics 411/542: Introduction To Nuclear And Particle Physics


Course Outline

Nuclear physics: Semi-empirical mass formula, isospin, Fermi gas model, liquid drop model, shell model

Review: Special relativity, golden rule, scattering in quantum mechanics

Particle physics: Leptons, mesons, baryons, quark model, form factors, structure functions, deep inelastic scattering, parton model

Weak Interactions: Leptonic and hadronic weak interactions, neutrino oscillations, parity, CP violations, CKM matrix, electroweak unification, standard model, Higgs boson, grand unification, dark matter

Experimental Techniques:Scintillation and Cherenkov counters, bubble chambers, spark andproportional chambers, hadronic and electromagnetic calorimeters,design of experiments and accelerators



Lectures M W F 2:00 – 2:50 PM

Homework (100%)

Text: B. Povh, K. Rith et al, Particles and nuclei: An introduction to the physical concepts

Other resources:M. D. Corcoran, Notes on particle physics (unpublished),

Donald H. Perkins, Introduction to high energy physics


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