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Physics 416/517: Computational Physics


Course Outline

Preliminaries: Introduction to MATLAB, numerical errors, interpolation, curve fitting, spectral analysis

Ordinary Differential Equations: Introduction to basic, runge kutta and adaptive methods.

Systems of equations: Linear equations, nonlinear equations, iterative solutions to matrix equations

Partial differential equations:Solutions to parabolic and elliptic equations using finite difference methods, solutions to hyperbolic equations using finite difference andlimiters, stability analysis, implicit methods.

Optional: Introduction to Mathematica, examples from orbital mechanics - analytic solutions and numerical solutions, special functions, quadrature, stochastic methods, (depending on class interest)



Lecture and lab T Th 1:00 - 2:20 PM

Homework (65%)

Term project (30%)

Participation (5%)

Text: Alejandro L. Garcia, Numerical methods for physics


All information is representative only, and is likely to change from year to year.