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Physics 563: Introduction To Solid State Physics I


Course Outline

Electronic models: atomicbonding, jellium, periodic potentials, nearly-free and tight bindingmodels, semiclassical theory of metals, Fermi liquids, Hartree-Fock andThomas-Fermi, density functionals

Crystals: structure, scattering, reciprocal lattice, lattice vibrations, phonons, anharmonic effects, neutron scattering

Semiconductors: properties, junctions

Superconductivity: phenomenology, classical theory, pairing, flux quantization



Typical Organization

Lectures T Th 10:50 - 12:05 PM

Homework (9%)

Term exam 1 (18%)

Term exam 2 (27%)

Term exam 3 (46%)

Text: N. W. Ashcroft and N. D. Mermin, Solid state physics

M. P. Marder, Condensed matter physics


All information is representative only, and is likely to change from year to year.