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 Physics and Astronomy Celebrates the Rice UnConvention

On Friday April 13, 2012, over 100 members of the Physics and Astronomy Department and friends from the Houston community gathered to celebrate the history of Physics and Astronomy at Rice. This program, entitled “Physics and Astronomy at Rice: Then and Now,” was part of Rice’s centennial “UnConvention” weekend.  Calvin Class, Emeritus Professor, spoke of the history of physics, starting with Harold Wilson and the founding of the Rice Institute. Richard Wolf, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, spoke of the origins of Space Science at Rice. Historical posters and the slides from Prof. Wolf’s talk can be found here.

Poster on the Early Years

Poster on Atom Smashers

Poster on the Foundations of Space Science

Richard Wolf's talk on the Origins of Space Science

Poster on the Foundations of the Current Department

Poster of Physics and Astronomy Today