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Physics and Astronomy are crucial to understanding the world around us and the world beyond us.  It is the most basic and fundamental science.

                                                - statement adapted from  the American Physical Society


Why Study Physics and Astronomy at Rice University?

The Physics and Astronomy Department at Rice University is among the top departments in the nation.  We have an outstanding undergraduate program and our students are well prepared to go on to graduate school or industry as they choose.   With over 40 faculty, we have outstanding research programs  and facilities with ample opportunities for student participation.

Undergraduate Degrees:

BA in Astronomy
BA in Physics
BS in Astrophysics
BS in Chemical Physics (joint with Chemistry)
BS in Physics, with options to specialize in; General Physics,  Applied Physics,
Biological Physics, or Computational Physics

To learn about the degree requirements please visit the Physics and Astronomy page in the General Announcements.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

Undergraduate participation in departmental research is highly encouraged for students at all stages, and it is required for the BS senior thesis. For details on summer research fellowships both on- and off-campus, contact Prof. Geurts (geurts@rice.edu) to be added to the Undergraduate Research Owlspace page.

Want to learn more about studying Physics and Astronomy?

The American Physical Society has a page dedicated to this:

The American Astronomical Society has several resources dedicated to study and careers in Astronomy:

Other Information:

Rice University Society of Physics and Astronomy Students (SPAS):
    Email: ricespas@gmail.com
American Physical Society
American Astronomical Society
American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center on Physics Careers and Education
American Geophysical Union
Physics Today Jobs  


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