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Chapman Distinguished Lectures

The Chapman Lecture Series is made possible by the generous support of Dr. Richard A. Chapman '54 and Barbara Madden Chapman '54.

The fund was created in 2007 to provide support to bring visiting scientists in nanotechnology, to include Natural Sciences and Electrical Engineering.

9. Charles M. Marcus
University of Copenhagen
Using Topology to Build a Better Qubit
April 9, 2018
8. Lukas Novotny
ETH Zurich
Controlling Light-Matter Interactions on the Nanometer Scale
October 13, 2016

7. Margaret Murnane
University of Colorado
Tabletop X-Ray Lasers: From Star Wars to Nanotechnology
February 25, 2016
6. David Awschalom
University of Chicago
Beyond Electronics: Abandoning Perfection for Quantum Technologies
November 4, 2015
5. Paul L. McEuen
Cornell University
Nanotube Guitars and Graphene Machines: Pushing the Boundries with Carbon Nanomaterials
October 2, 2014

4. Jochen Feldmann
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)
The Nano-Gold Rush
March 25, 2013

3. John Pendry
Imperial College London
The Science of Invisibility
March 7, 2012

2. Philip Kim
Columbia University
Wonder in Flat Carbon World: Graphene
November 5, 2009

1. John A. Rogers
University of Illinois
Nanotechnology for Stretchable Electronics: From Electronic Eyeballs to Brain Monitors
April 6, 2009