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Physics & Astronomy department hosted 2009 Hangzhou Workshop
The Physics & Astronomy along with the Rice Quantum Magnetism Laboratory, co-sponsored the 2009 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter last week. During the workshop the "International Collaborative Center for Quantum Matter was inaugurated. This virtual collaborative center will foster collaborations in the area of Quantum Materials among Rice University, Zhejiang Univeristy, Max Planck Institute for the Chemical Physics of Solids, London Centre for Nanotechnology, and a number of other institutions from North America, Asia, and Europe.

The National Academy of Sciences has selected Neal F. Lane to receive the Public Welfare Medal, The Academy's Highest Honor
The National Academy of Sciences has selected Neal F. Lane to receive its most prestigious award, the Public Welfare Medal. Established in 1914, the medal is presented annually to honor extraordinary use of science for public good. The Academy chose Lane for serving the scientific community in many executive and leadership roles and for his continuing efforts to advance and promote science and technology in the United States.

Physics and Astronomy Professor named Top 20 Scientist Under 40
Professor Doug Natelson has been named one of the Top 20 Scientists in the Nationunder The age of 40. His name along with the other top scientists appears in the article "Best Brains In Science" in the December issue  of Discover Magazine, which hit newstands today.

Physics Graduate Student's image published in Physical Review A
Graduate student, Jeffrey Mestayer's "Kaleidoscope" image has been published aspart of "PRA Kaleidoscope Images: October 2008" in the Physical Review A. Click Here to see images, click on the fourth image on the top line to see the article.

Peggy Whitson rocks 2008 Sally Ride Festival
The Sally Ride Festival, held October 18 for the 3rd year on the Rice campus, was again a sellout with 1200middle school girls plus over 300 adults. The day began with a street fair with exhibits, activities, asolar telescope and a Discovery Dome. Then Rice alumni and former ISS Commander Peggy Whitson gave astimulating talk to the assembled girls. The girls then went to their choice of two of the 38 women-ledworkshops. One of the highlights was the launch of an ozone-measuring weather balloon at the end of theevent.  Sponsors ofthe 2008 Sally Ride Festival include Rice Space Institute, Baker Institute,Dean of Natural Sciences, Dean of Engineering, and MMS. Corporate Sponsors included Deloitte and Conoco-Phillips.

The Board of Trustees names the new Physics & Astronomy building
The Board of Trustees officially names the new Physics building, The Brockman Hall for Physics. The 110,000 squarefoot building is set to house the Physics and Astronomy faculty as well as the "applied physics" faculty from ECE.The projected opening date is Fall 2010.

Rice physicists prep for LHC startup
On September 10, 2008, scientists in Europe will flip the switch on the largest, most expensive scientificexperiment in human history, and a group of Rice physicists and students are among the thousandsof scientists who are helping make it happen.

Memorial for professor Gordon Mutchler
In recognition of Gordon Mutchler's many contributions to Rice and the Physics and Astronomy Department, areception will be held on Friday, September 12, 2008, at the Farnsworth Pavilion from 4:30-6pm.

Rice physicists play role in new discovery from Fermilab's DZero experiment
Physicists from the DZero collaboration at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratoryin Batavia, Ill.,this week announced the observation of a key pairing of subatomic particles called "Z bosons."The subatomic, force-carrying particles were produced at Fermilab's Tevatron particle accelerator.The multinational DZero collaboration consists of more than 600 scientists, including severalfrom Rice's Bonner Nuclear Laboratory. Click here for Rice News Article

Rice Scientists are recognized by the European Press
Work of Rice Scientists was picked up by the European Press in an articlethat appeared in the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung Science Section on July 16, 2008.Click here for article

Rice approves construction of new Physics & Astronomy building
The board has approved construction of a new 110,000 square foot building,which will be locatedbetween George R. Brown Hall and Hamman Hall. This building is set to house the Physicsand Astronomy faculty as wellas the "applied physics" faculty from ECE. The projected opening dateis Fall 2010.

2007-2008 Physics & Astronomy Student Awards
Every year the Department awards outstanding students for their achievementsin Physics & Astronomy during their enrollment at Rice University. Here is the list of recipients for the 2007-2008 academic year.

Astrophysics Graduate Student to attend the 58th Nobel Prize Winners in Physics meeting in Lindau
Physics and Astronomy graduate student Zorawar Wadiasingh, studying neutronstar astrophysics with Dr. Matthew Baring, has been awarded a place as a studentpartipicant at the prestigious 58th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners in Physics,to be held in June 2008 in Lindau, Germany.

Physics Graduate Student earns Fellowship with JSA
Physics graduate student Paul Mattione has been awarded one of the 2008-2009JSA/Jefferson Lab Graduate Fellowships for his research at theJefferson Lab. The Fellowship includes a stipened of one-half of a 9-month academic year,to be matched in equal amount by Rice University, plus $2,000 stipened support. The Fellowship also includesan up to $2,000 travel allowance for research related travel.

Rice Alumni is elected to the National Academy of Engineering
Dr.Malcom R. O'Neill, received his PhD in Physics from Rice University in1975. While he attended Rice University he worked with Dr. G. Walters King andDr. F. Barry Dunning. After he graduated he joined the US Armywhere he rose to theranks of Lietenant General. Once he retired from the US Army in 1996, he joinedLockheed Martin as Vice President, Mission Success, Operations and Best Practices in Space Systems.

Rice Scientist's blog gets recognized by Physics World magazine
Dr Doug Natelson's blog entitled "Nanoscale Views" was written about in the March issue of Physics World Magazine, Volume 21 Number 3.